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Avocado Cutter Slicer

• Stainless Still, Pit, slice, and scoop your avacados with one tool.

Pineapple Corer Cutter

• SS304, Stainless Steel, Cut pineapple quick and easy without a knife.

Ice Cream Scoop

• SS304, Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Spade, Excellent Fit and Pleasant Scooping.

Ice Cream Scoop

• This designed to deliver wholesome perfect sized scoops every time.

Crab Eating Tool

• Stainless steel. Make eating shellfish very easy and less confusing. You can easily take out all the meat, so much less wasted.

Onion Needle

• Stainless steel and plastic material. This holder features unique stainless steel prongs that allow you to hold and slice onion hands-free.

Shellfish Shucking Knife

• Stainless Steel&Professionally Sharpened, You can easily&effectively open any type of seafood shell. Strength you can trust!

Can Opener

• The serrated edge cutting wheel creates smooth edges around the can, making the can safe to touch and preventing injuries.

Tea Infuser

• An easy way to brew individual cups of tea from loose tea leaves. Simply just pop off the top and spoon your favorite loose tea inside the stainless steel cup.

Dumpling Maker

• Stainless steel, Bring you more convenience and fun for making dumpling, pierogi, ravioli, empanada. Makes easier and quicker work, saves a lot of time.