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Reusable Metal Straw

• SS304, Ditch your plastic straws which can be used only once and all they do is to harm the environment. Our stainless steel ones can be used over and over again, all you have to do is to clean them.

Telescopic Portable Straw

• SS304, Can be placed in an aluminum alloy case after shrinking, light and small, fits in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. You can also hook the straw case on your belt loop.

Patterned Straw

• SS304 with creative screw thread design, effective anti-slip. From loved ones to acquaintances, this reusable straw is the perfect gifting option for any occasion.

Beveled Straw

• SS304, The mouth of the straw is smooth and smooth, and it will not hurt the mouth. Design of beveled suction tube intubation is convenient and easy to clean.

Cherry Straw Spoon

• SS304, Do you think it's just a spoon? No, the straw is it, and the spoon is it too.

Cherry Straw Spoon

• SS304, Another cherry straw spoon with screw thread design.

Straw Spoon

• SS304, Multi colorful straws spoons, it is suitable for family party, outdoor picnics, hiking, trips and office use, perfect for various beverages.

Straw Spoon

• SS304, It works as a drinking straw and a stirrer, switch to the stronger straw / stirrer, as Spoon also as Drinking Straw and Drink Stirrer, multi- function.

Straw Spoon

• SS304, All of the straw have been finely polished and perfectly polished, insure each straw softer.

Straw Spoon

• SS304, Multi colorful straws spoons with screw thread design.