Slim Cocktail Jigger

• SS304, this jigger will not bend, break, or rust, and is dependable and durable.
• 4 capacity to choose,25/50ml, 30/60ml, 45/60ml, 60/90ml.

Double Jigger

• SS304, A great item to gift the bar enthusiast in your life.
• Create drinks like a professional; use for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike. 15/30ml

Japanese Style Jigger

• SS304, Measurements Marks On Inner Wall. 30/60ml
• Measures Up To 1 Oz And 2 Oz Respectively. The interior of each side of our professional double jigger is scored with pinpoint mixology measurements.

Jigger With Handle

• SS304, Designed with an ergonomic handle. 30/60ml
• Useful bar tool helps you mix your own drinks.It's easy to hold and rotate, keeps your hands clean while making cocktails.

Rim Bell Jigger

• SS304, Precise, accurate and consistent measurements. 30/60ml
• Internal Measurement lines with markings for greater flexibility.

Trilobal Jigger

• SS304, Angled jigger head provides clean directed pour streams. 30/45ml
• Trilobal shape reduces or eliminates surface lens (meniscus)

Jigger Cup

• SS304, Displays(inside and outside) in ounces (0.5 - 2.5 oz - 5 lines), milliliters, and tablespoons.


• SS304, With Different Surface Treatment Processes. 30/60ml

Cocktail Jigger

• SS304 with Fine Beaked Spout for Precise Pouring.
• Interior etched markings up to 2 ounces for accurate measuring. Flip it over and the foot doubles as a 1/8 ounce measuring tool.


• SS304 with straight body. 25/50ml, 30/60ml
• Practical and beautiful, Thicker and tighter material, strong tightness and good leak-proof effect.