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Stainless Steel Flask

• Food Grade Stainless Steel. Rust and corrosion resistant and naturally ECO-FRIENDLY and BPA-Free.
• Perfect gift for the Holidays, Bridal Parties, Graduation, Stocking Stuffers, Parties, BBQs, the Golf Course or just treat yourself.

Shot Flask

• Stainless steel, Including a Built-in 2oz Collapsible Shot Glass & Flask Funnel.
• Take the shot glass from the side of the shot flask and pour your drink! After you're finished, collapse the shot glass and put it right back on the side of the flask.

Grenade Shape Hip Flask

• SS304 with laser lead-free soldering process, environmental protection, hygiene, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation.
• Makes you feel like you are in the battlefield and drinking your favorite wine in the artillery.

Fish Shape Hip Flask

• SS304, will never rust, fall apart, leak or let you down.
• Every single Hip Flask are laser welded, air-pressured and quality controlled. The cap seals tightly to make sure no vodka, whiskey, bourbon or other favorite beverage will leak out and get wasted.

Bracelet Hip Flask

• SS304. features the perfect inner diameter and lightweight that make wearer feel comfortable.
• Suitable for carrying whiskey/ vodka and other spirits alcohol, aslo can be used as a water bottle.

Bracelet Hip Flask

• Thickened polished stainless steel as Material: No rust, corrosion resistance, food safety.
• A Perfect Gift: For birthday, date, camping, anniversary, wedding or any other event as gift.

Hip Flask

• SS304, Imagine your friends reaction to your diamond flasks for liquor - wine & whisky becomes so much more luxurious.

Hip Flask

• Food Grade Stainless Steel. Nobility and contracted collision. Life interpretation with fashion. Turn alcohol into a taste.

Cigarette Case Hip Flask

• PU leather wrapped stainless steel embedded cigarette case, not easy to rust, not easy to break.
• You can put a cigarette or a cigar in a cigarette case so that you can carry two items while you are away from the Home without taking up too much space.

Pipe Shape Hip Flask

• Made of stainless steel with a bright, eco-friendly surface.
• Creative and unique design, a tube of wine, a cigarette, convenient and practical. The ergonomic size fits most pockets.